The House

Maison de Maître, Rieux-Minervois
Maison de Maître, Rieux-Minervois

Established in a manor house dating back to the 19th century, La Chasse au Bonheur is a bed and breakfast with that certain special something. Each one of its rooms offers an old-world charm and a new-world comfort that will dazzle you with high ceilings, elegant windows and original tiled floors from the belle époque.

The manor features three double rooms and a spacious suite for four persons.

Tucked away in the centre of the wine village Rieux-Minervois and surrounded by vineyards and voluptuous landscapes, we’ve let ourselves be inspired by the colours of the wild South of France, creating an atmosphere in the rooms that radiate both the countryside’s warmth and lightness. And the house’s perfect blend of furniture from different epochs and countries, combined with touches of modern design and art, only add to a comfort and warmth that will encourage you to relax.

The manor’s inner courtyard, adorned with a mulberry tree, climbing plants, native grasses, and fragrant herbs and flowers, provides the perfect spot for peace and seclusion, inviting you to put up your feet and enjoy life for a while in the sun or in the shade.